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Glycolic Peel Facial

This brightening and deep cleansing facial will give your skin a deep exfoliation and leave you with a wonderful glow. Helping refine pores and resurfacing fine lines, your skin will be left looking brighter and tighter. It also aids in evening out skin tone if you suffer from hyper-pigmentation, further treating inflammation and healing acne scarring.

The Beauty Lab glycolic facial is an amazing glycolic acid peel for the face. Glycolic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that is produced from sugar cane. It joins a family of other AHA’s such as lactic acid (from sour milk), tartaric acid (from grapes) and citric acid also known as fruit acids.

These acids are all water soluble and great at removing the surface layer of skin, therefore leaving the skin smoother and brighter, additionally reducing uneven skin tone. Our glycolic peel facial consists of 3 stages of deep exfoliation. We start with a 10% glycolic acid wash, followed by a granular exfoliator and then the 10%, 20% or 30 % peel.

Why choose a Glycolic acid peel?

Glycolic is the strongest and most effective acid because it has the smallest molecules. This means it can get deep down into the layers of skin and exfoliate, reducing inflammation and reducing the appearance of marks left from acne breakouts.

As this facial focuses on deep exfoliation using Glycolic acid with pomegranate enzymes, it is ideal for sun damage, premature ageing, dull, congested and acne scarred skin.

Our Glycolic acid peel comes in three percentages – 10%, 20% and 30%.

Glycolic acid peel benefits:

* Great for firming of the skin

* Anti-ageing

* Helps brighten the skin

* Evening skin tone

* Helps reduce pore size

* Great resurfacing treatment

* Smoother skin

* Reducing acne inflammation

* Help reduce acne cysts

* Can be used as a regular skin brightening programme

Skin types that benefit from glycolic acid:

* Congested and dull skin

* Sun damaged skin

* Acne prone skin

* Aging skin

* Thickened skins

What to expect during your Glycolic peel facial

Our glycolic peel facial consists of 3 stages of deep exfoliation. We start with a 10% glycolic acid wash, followed by a granular exfoliator and then the 10%, 20% or 30 % peel. For your first treatment we always use the lowest level of peel so we can gauge how your skin reacts to the product. The Glycolic peel is left on between 5-10 mins depending on how your skin is feeling. It is then thoroughly wiped off with water and sponges

We follow these processes with a soothing massage and 4 layers of calming and hydrating products. These products will neutralise the peel, soothe the skin and help to maintain moisture for the next few days. We finish off with a SPF 50 sun protection layer.

Directly after your facial, you should expect some redness and a shiny appearance, but skin will look fresher from about 12hrs after.

There is no down time after this Glycolic peel facial, as there is with some very high grade medical chemical peels.
The best results are usually seen about 1-3 days after the treatment. You must use sun protection after this treatment and do not need to do any home exfoliation for at least 4 days. This includes all chemical and mechanical exfoliation.

With the lower levels of our peel you will get minimal visible peeling, once we work your skin’s strength up to the higher levels, more advanced peeling will occur. This is normal and you should make sure you use extra moisturiser over the period of visible flaking.


Single treatment: £55

Course of 6 treatments available find courses in our membership section by hitting the book now button.

If you want some extra relaxation added to this amazing facial, check out our 'add on's' on the bespoke facial page.

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