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Our nail philosophy. 

Combining a passion for natural nail care with the latest technology, we strive to give the absolute best in nail services, ensuring nail health as well as product durability. Our nail suppliers are carefully selected to mirror this ethos as well as being sustainable and cruelty free.

Jessica is an award-winning system for both natural nails and Gel which offers a solution for everyone’s nail type, lifestyle and colour preference.

CND is our choice for our professional acrylic system an award-winning Sculpting Liquid and powder that provide the foundation for wearable, durable, beautiful nails.

Dipt is our newest nail system to be launched at the salon offering a unique, lasting and caring nail system that you and your clients will simply adore. Made with a finely milled acrylic powder and a specially formulated medical-grade resin, Dipt promises to deliver a fast application process.

"You might not be able to change the world but you can always change your nail colour"


Give your hands the love they deserve with one of our beautiful manicures, all include: nail shaping, hand scrub, cuticle work, varnish or gel and hand cream. 

You can upgrade to a luxury manicure to include all the above plus heated mitts and hand massage.

Standard manicure £30

Gel manicure           £36

Luxury manicure    £36   +£4 for gel

File and paint           £20

File and paint +Gel  £30


Awaken your senses and discover the restorative powers of Asian aquatic plant extracts to purify, cleanse, soothe and calm.

All pedicures include: nail shaping, hand scrub, cuticle work, varnish or gel and foot cream.

You can upgrade to a luxury manicure to include all the above plus heated boots and foot massage.

Standard pedicure  £36

Gel pedicure            £39

Luxury pedicure     £40 +£4 for gel

Nail enhancements

We use CND a premium brand of acrylic which is used to extend nails to any shape and length you want. We pride ourselves on our safe and effective application of acrylic with all aspects of the process done by hand.

Full set of extensions           £56

Infills (clear or varnish)       £32

Infill with Gel or french      £40

Acrylic removal          from £20     

Gel removal                           £15    

Dipt is an innovative new dipping system using next-generation nail technology, working with the best of British chemistry.

Full set of extensions with gel   £50

Infills with gel                               £40

"When life gives you lemons book a pedicure."

What our customers are saying

Sam and her team are so wonderful, they are always up to date with the latest trends and trust them implicitly to inspire me with something new with my nails every time i visit.

My nails last so well considering my job is very hands on.

I highly recommend to everyone as i always receive compliments.

The salon is such a relaxing and friendly atmosphere which is a rarity with previous salons I've visited.


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